Stumbling Block or Cornerstone?

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Even though Spain is mostly a post-Christian nation, the population in Madrid is agnostic in the way they believe and live. But during this Holy Week I saw a manifestation of religious Catholicism that I had not seen in some time. Thousands gathered in the Puerta del Sol to catch a glimpse of a statue of Jesus and another of the virgin, believing that this act of honoring a statue could be counted as a good work to insure their salvation.

In the midst of this sad procession winding through the streets, OnTheRedBox was there with message of hope and salvation. The contrast of how people respond to this message is dramatic.  For example, one older Catholic man when he heard how Jesus came to die to set us free, he only wanted to argue religion and called us names. However a married couple from Colombia heard the Gospel, and when they were confronted with their sin, their consciences was smitten and they showed concern for their eternal souls.  We prayed with them on the street and they said they wanted to hear more of the Gospel which could change their destinies.  Christ is a stumbling block for the proud, but a Cornerstone for the humble.  I would ask that you please pray for Holy Spirit conviction to touch the stone cold heart of the proud in Madrid.