25 Hours of Solitude





Solitude. Abiding. Lingering in the presence of God. Quietness. Rest.

A few days ago I (Joy) had the wonderful privilege of taking a journey alone to a small town an hour away from my home to get alone with God, to pray and seek wisdom. Those quiet 25 hours were very precious, and long overdue. I left the office, the family (with their permission), life’s demands, and housework behind to:

Slow down… Look up… Linger… Abide

God met me in the simple, clean Hostel room on a quiet street.  God met me on my prayer walks.  God met me on the path paved with golden leaves, filling me with an overwhelming gratitude for his creation and beauty.  God spoke to my heart.  I prayed.  I read.  I journaled.  I wrote.

I will do this again.  I must schedule it into the calendar.  It’s an important appointment with God.