Kingdom Investment

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I know many of you follow us on our Facebook Ministry page and/or my personal Facebook page. We are so thankful for the hundreds who pray for us as many are hearing the Gospel every week. After every round of evangelism which includes testimonies and an illustrated sermon, we share the Gospel one-on-one with all who are willing to have a conversation with us. Every day there are dozens of these conversations where people are challenged to make a decision to follow Christ. What a joy to share the Gospel!

Those who work in our ministry have gone through training in our school of evangelism, which takes place in our prayer and evangelism training center. In that same center we also pray and intercede every night before we evangelize for God to convict sinners and save the lost.

In these 14 years of ministry we have had at least 250 teams come to receive training on how to evangelize. Hundreds have come for training and presently there are about 1000 in our on-line school.

None of this training and prayer would be possible if we did not have our ministry center. Recently we were given the ultimatum to either purchase our location or leave. We believe God has told us to stay and continue praying and evangelizing to the more than 100,000 people that cross this historic plaza each day.

To do this ministry we need your help in purchasing this location in the center of Madrid. We have been graced with matching funds from an anonymous donor who has promised to match any offering up to $250,000. This is a miracle, but now we need your help.  We still need:

625 churches and individuals to give a sacrificial offering of $1000.

Or 1250 churches and individuals to help with an offering of $500.

For us to purchase this ministry center would you consider sowing into this harvest? More than ever before we need to sow into the KINGDOM. Jesus is coming soon and I want Him to find me investing into what HE loves; evangelism, prayer and training others to win souls.

You can give HERE